About Our Cakes


We offer wonderful custom cakes for Weddings, Birthdays Parties and any special events guide it by your taste and ideas. We specialize in cakes created with wipe cream.  Our cakes are all made with two layers and two different fillings or icings. You may choose your favorite combination of cake, filling, and icing.

Cakes Flavors                  Specialities:                 

  • Three Milks             ◊ Orange Cake
  • Vanilla Cake            ◊ Lemon Cake
  • Chocolate Cake        ◊ Almond Cake
  • Marble Cake            ◊ Coffee cake
  •                              ◊ Coconut 


   Natural Flavors:           Fresh Fruits:

  • Pineaple                ◊ Banana 
  • Blueberry               ◊ Kiwi  
  • Caramel                 ◊ Peach
  • Chocolate               ◊ Strawberry
  • Coffee cream

Additions:                  Cupcakes:

  • Coconut             ◊ Miniature – from $1.00/ea.
  • Walnuts             ◊ Standard – from $1.85/ea.
  • Raisins             ◊ Large – from $2.50/ea.
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Liquors


We are open to any design that comes our way.  Our decorations are made off what you wish for.  The orders of the regular cakes must be of at least two days prior the event.  We recommend to  orders of the weddings cakes must be made 1 month left.